Hello everyone.

Welcome to Bantam Banter. I guess you’re wondering what this website is. Well, that’s a good question because, in a way, I don’t know what it is either. But let me do my best to explain this.

Bantam Banter began as a podcast as a way for Ricky Frech and me to bring all of our “bad” ideas to life at our previous outlet. Now that we are not at that previous outlet, we needed a site to host this podcast. So we made one.

Now, Bantam Banter is a site dedicated to this podcast. But that’s not all! While I’m not pursuing writing on a professional level currently, I still like writing about video games, wrestling, and anything else I’m interested in. So, this site will also be home to my bad takes.

I guess that was easier to explain than I thought. Please check out the two podcasts we have up and let us know if you like or despise the show. Also, there is a nifty contact form if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you everyone for checking our stuff out and I hope you enjoy it!

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